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CK Web

Craw-Kan uses a combination of ADSL, ADSL 2+, and VDSL to serve broadband internet connections to subscribers over both copper and fiber optic lines.  We also have different speed packages to suit your usage.  From the casual internet user to the small business customer, we can connect you to the internet at the speeds you need. 

A 1.2 Mbps CK Web connection will work great to update your social networking page, read online news, and purchase from your favorite store online.  If you spend some time watching streaming video from YouTube or Hulu, you will likely be happier with at least a 6 Mbps CK Web Pro connection.  This will make your shows load faster and buffer less often, giving you more time to watch - when YOU want to.  For the household with multiple computers, a wifi hotspot, gamers, Netflix, and heavy downloading patterns, a CK Web Elite connection at 15 Mbps is probably just what you need.  Call today and let us find the perfect CK Web package to match your needs.  Don't forget, if you bundle with CKtv, you can save $10 monthly on CK Web Pro or CK Web Elite high speed packages.

We also protect your inbox with a Red Condor Message Assurance Gateway Appliance. This device filters more than 98% of unwanted and malicious email.  So when you check your email, you don't have to worry about infecting your computer with a virus.  AND, filtered messages are stored in quarantine for 30 days, just in case a legitimate piece of mail is intercepted.  A false positive message could then be released to your inbox. 


CK Web CK Web Pro CK Web Elite CK Web Ultimate
$29.95 $49.99* $59.99* $79.99*
1.2 Mbps 6 Mbps 15 Mbps 50 Mbps
Residential only



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*Save $10.00 when bundled with CKtv. Maximum speed may vary by location. Call 620.724.8238 for availability or to place an order.

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